Screenplays written by King Lizzard

KING LIZZARD’S NOSFERATU Campy heavy metal retelling of F.W. Murnau’s 1922 Classic Nosferatu.

KING LIZZARD’S AN AMERICAN LEGEND It’s the deep south in the mid-sixties. A condemned man gets a second chance to live his life…but sometimes karma is too strong a force of nature to be changed.

KING LIZZARD’S RETURN OF THE PHOENIX Super hero action adventure of a mythological crime fighter who’s been around for three thousand years. Optioned by Disney in 1992. Updated.

KING LIZZARD’S DIES IRAE 13th Century England. Artemeus D, is an undead scavanger who traded his soul for immortality. In return he must furnish thousands of new souls to Satan. When he comes up short there’s hell to pay.