The Hearts of Darkness Band’s live version of this song has been in release since 2003 and was a staple of the live shows.
Did you know “Scorpus Taurio” was originally written in 1976 and was to be called “Donut Holes in My Mind.” The name came from two friends of King, a Taurus female and a Scorpio male, who were very passionate about each other…when they weren’t trying to kill each other. The name is a mash-up of Scorpio and Taurus and accounts a celestial battle in the heavens between the Bull and the Scorpion.
The studio version features the verses done entirely with a Korg Vocoder. This was recorded on 47 tracks using a Korg MicroKorg, a miniMoog, a Fender Jazz Bass, a Gibson SG and an Ovation Celebrity acoustic guitar.

Words and Music by King Lizzard

Blazing a hole through the ebony skies
we reach
Seeking a vanishing point in your mind
we teach

Visions of venus and mars colliding
The bull and the scorpion destroying all
in reach

Ghostly boats awash upon a crystal sea
visions of what is gone and what is yet to be

Passing through galaxies at speeds of light
we are
forces of day and night take flight
so far

Heed the words of the wizard who reads
the stars
Reading the cards of the tower of death
in Mars

Moonbeams dance away softly on leopards paws
Great men of wisdom who preach and who write the laws

Celestial flower petals open in the sun
Scorpus and Taurio revelation of two as one