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EPICK (2015)

Band : King Lizzard
Title : EPICK
Release Date : January 15, 2015
Label : LizzardLips Records
Catalog ref. : EP1
Format : Digital Download

Genre: Alternative Rock
Produced and Engineered by: King Lizzard
Label: LizzardLips Reptilian Recordings
Recorded in: Las Vegas

EPICK is the story of a dead world, which was brought to life by space traveler (Mr. Mugi) whose scream into the silence created music. His birth onto earth and his childhood in India is evidenced in Afterbirth/The Journey/The Awakening. He then begins to create all forms of music, classical (10,000 More Days of Fire), Reggae (El Dorado Sunrise), jazz (Voodoo Lady) and the birth of rock and roll. But people started rejecting music as creating more misery than happiness. He witnesses suicide (Something That Just Died), the death of a soul mate (Fireflies in the Palace) and slavery and abuse (The Silent Song for the Last Warrior). He becomes weak and despondent. He see the joy of music turn into a funeral dirge (Funeral for a Friend, Love Lies Bleeding) and the misery he’s caused. In Dawn of a New Age a dying Mr. Mugi reviews his life and creates one last Magnum Opus before dying and becoming pure energy. His pure energy mixes with the electronic machines and created a new form of music- Digitalis. The piece ends with saying good night to the audience and the rebirth of man-made music (Musique de Sortie).


All songs were arranged and performed by King Lizzard, except for Funeral for a Friend/Love Lies Bleeding,
EPICK Overture and Musique de Sortie, music and lyrics by King Lizzard.
The Good Night Song written by King Lizzard and Queen Lizzard.
Funeral for a Friend/Love Lies Bleeding music by Elton John and
lyrics by Bernie Taupin. Created with a license through the Harry Fox Agency.

Musique de Sortie from Paus-de-Deux from “The Nutcracker”
by Peter Tchaikovsky. In public domain.

Produced and Engineered by King Lizzard.
Recorded from May 2009 through December 2014 at
Wild Strawberry Fields Studio Las Vegas.

Instruments used in recording EPICK: Gibson Les Paul 59 Standard, Gibson Les Paul Studio, Fender Telecaster, 57 American Vintage Stratocaster, various VOX and Marshall amplifiers, Cry Baby Wah pedal, vintage 1980 Oberheim OB-X synthesizer, Etherwave Theremin, Maharishi Sitar, Fender Jazz Bass, Hofner 500/1 bass, Gibson Dove acoustic guitar, Epiphone Casino, Gibson SG Special, Dimension Pro and Rapture virtual synthesizers, Roosebeck bagpipe, Epiphone mandolin and a kitchen sink.

EPICK is a tongue-in-Cheek homage to the overblown double concept albums of the 70s and has classical, rock, pop, reggae, jazz, Latin, metal and dance electronic genres.

The album cover was designed by King Lizzard inspired by a Hindu graphic of Radha and Krishna on an island floating in space. The man is King Lizzard holding his white Gibson Les Paul, “Lightning.”