I just came across a cassette tape of Legacy recorded live at Cunningham’s on lead singer and keyboardist Laurie’s birthday. This was before “we was fab” and was recorded on a tape recorder sitting at the back of the bar. It was great hearing those songs. Here are some of the songs that I started ripping from the cassettes.

I’ll add more as I rip and encode them. Here are Heart’s “Barracuda,” “a live version  of my “One of Thousands,” “Greg Lake’s “Nuclear Attach,” another original “Endless Night,” and Pat Benatar’s “Hit Me With Your Best Shot.”


  1. Barracuda 4:30
  2. One of Thousands 4:01
  3. Nuclear Attack 4:32
  4. Endless Night 4:06
  5. Hit Me 3:06
  6. Mystery Achievement 5:12
  7. I've Done Everything for You 3:16
  8. Find Another Fool 4:35
  9. Burning for You 3:52